How To Make an App for your Desktop/Phone

How to Create an App (shortcut) for your Desktop and Android Phone

(Prepared for the Buffalo RPCV organization and updated: March 23, 2020)

Instructions are for Microsoft Windows 10 [using the latest updated version]


1st      Get a Picture and Save it.

            Search for a picture, one that you would like to make into an icon.

            [Example: Search for an image of the Buffalo RPCV Logo or copy from .]

            Right Click on the picture to open it > Choose ‘Save image as’ >

            Give it a File name with a .jpg or .png extension > Choose a folder to save the file in & Click ‘Save’.


2nd     Create an icon.

          Open (it’s free) and follow the Steps below to convert your picture into an icon.

            Step 1 (Upload an Image)

                        Choose File > Locate the image you just saved > Left Click on it,

                        then Click on the ‘Upload’ button                

            Step 2 (resize picture for icon)

                        Left Click, Hold and Drag on picture to highlight area that will be used for your

                        new icon. Select the largest area you can highlight.

            Step 3 (Apply styles)

                        Left Click the 2nd square box [Blue, with cloud, no writing],

                        [once clicked, the outline will be highlighted but difficult to see]

            Step 4  (Select the icon format)

                        Choose 48 x 48

            Step 5  (Convert and download)

                        Choose “Convert Ico”

            Next: Click on “Download your icon(s)” > Click ‘Open file’ [in lower left of screen] >

                        Right Click on your new icon picture and Click on ‘Save Picture As’  >

                        Use or Change the ‘File name’ shown then Click ‘Save’.

                        [the picture will be saved with an .ico file extension.]


3rd      Place a shortcut on your Desktop or an app on your Android phone.

For                  Create a Website shortcut on your Desktop using your new icon.


                        1st        Go to the website, highlight and copy the URL.


                        2nd       Right Click on an open space on the desktop screen > Go to New > Click shortcut >

                                    In the “Type the location of the item” box, Right Click and Paste the URL.

                        3rd        Click Next > In the “Type a name for this shortcut” box, Type a name > Click Finish


[Note:             4th        There is now an icon on your desktop for this shortcut.

Steps 4 & 5                 Right Click on it  > Go to Properties > Click “Change Icon” >

are not needed                                                             

for the             5th        Browse to find the icon you made with the program.

BuffaloRPCV               Highlight the new icon > Right Click ‘Open’ > Click OK > Click OK again.


                         6th        Click on your new icon to see if it works.

For                 Place an icon & link onto your home screen. [Note: you do not need to create a new icon.]


Phones         1st        Open Google Chrome Browser. [You must use this browser.

                                    If you don’t have Chrome, search for, download and install it on your screen.]

                       2nd       Go to the URL and open the website you want to pin to the home screen.

                                    [example, Go to and Open: ]

                        3rd       Click on the 3 vertical dots in upper right corner of screen > Click “Add to Home Screen”

                        4th       Click on the icon to see if it works.